Janome 300e, Compact Flash cards and Reader/Writers

Are you perplexed on how to hook up your Compact Flash card & Reader/Writer to your Janome 300e? Banish your perplexion! (yes, I'm sure that's a word.) Edify yourself with photos and text.

How the Mighty Do Fall

I have a Really Good tale to tell to explain how I came to be entrapped by the machine embroidery world. But, it became Extremely Wordy and was taking up most of the screen space. I know most of you just want to see the machine embroidery projects and don't give a fig about my story ... but if, by some chance you ARE curious, you can still read my Really Good Tale. :-)

Page Content Disclaimer

I need to explicity state *for the record* that I have been exceedingly remiss in keeping notes on my embroidery projects. Most of the projects below were made well before I knew how important such notes would be. The pages for these projects have, in many cases, been created YEARS after the fact and there is just no way, Josť, that I can ever remember or track down where the design files came from.

Soooooo ... lots of these pages are simply going to be eye candy and not much information. I apologize, but that's the way it is. :-)

Tutorials ... at the bottom of the page!

Gallery of Pirate's
Machine Embroidery Projects

The free machine embroidery designs were downloaded from various sites, which are listed.
They may or may not be still available, as some of the sites have a rotating selection of freebies.
December 2004 Grill Sergeant T-shirt December 2005 Log Cabin pillow with Kanji embroidery
December 2004 Pillowcases - the first attempt December 2004 Christmas wine glass coasters
line of blue stitches
January 2005 Sewing Motifs on a Levi work shirt January 2005 Initials on a pocket. Very classy!
March 2005 Free-standing lace bowl May 2005 Zundt embroideries in a Quilt
July 2005 embroidered pockets on a hoodie August 2005 A fleece blanket for Kevin
August 2005 A fleece blanket for Angela September 2005 CD case cover - a class project
September 2005 A fleece blanket for Catherine September 2005 Personalizing a laptop cover
September 2005 A fleece blanket for a new family member September 2005 A fleece blanket for Lisa
September 2005 A fleece blanket for Michael September 2005 A fleece blanket for Rene
November 2005 A fleece blanket for Angie November 2005 Feathers on my sleeve
November 2005 foam drink coasters November 2005 Kevin's heritage quilt
November 2005 Fleece blankets for 2 siblings
a commissioned work
December 2005 A fleece blanket for Dave
December 2005 A fleece blanket for Forrest December 2005 Another free-standing lace bowl
December 2005 personalized Olympic tote bag December 2005 Penguin jammie top
December 2005 embroidered covers for Christmas globe ornaments December 2005 Yep .. embroidered toilet paper rolls!
line of blue stitches
February 2006 Celtic Quilt Blocks
a commissioned work
February 2006 An Edwardian dress for re-enactment
February 2006 embroidery at the neckline of a pullover sweater March 2006 A fleece blanket for Aidan Lee
August 2006 A fleece blanket for Gene September 2006 A set of embroidered fleeces
for a therapy center
a commissioned work
October 2006 a ballgown purse November 2006 Velour tank top
December 2006 2 sets of table napkins
line of blue stitches
March 2007 a "fix-it" for a too-low dress back December 2007 personalized camera cases
December 2007 how to tell black sweatshirts apart
line of blue stitches
February 2008 a collection of ditty bags for the hostesses of the 2008 Arizona Quilt Retreat May 2008 A fleece blanket for Luke Taylor
October 2008 "in-the-hoop" reversable Dresden Plate coasters
line of blue stitches
February 2009 A fleece blanket for Laurie Tavan March 2009 embroidered (and plain) pillowcases for Rene
May 2009 a machine embroidered neckband on a top for me. August 2009 the first ever Rodgers Vineyards polo shirt!
September 2009 a box throw pillow for a clinical psychologist November 2009 yet another embroidered pillowcase
December 2009 Zombies crave brains. A brain decorates this book cover. Does it follow that zombies will crave this book cover?
line of blue stitches
March 2010 "Vintage" placemats and napkins. A set of 12. LOTS of links for the embroideries inside!
line of blue stitches
May 2011 A fleece blanket for Annika Shehu May 2011 A receiving blanket for Madeline Shehu
November 2011 quoth the raven, "Nevermore" November 2011 A tooth fairy pillow for Aidan Lee
line of blue stitches
May 2012 an NYU fleece blanket for Lisa

Embroidery Tutorial Pages

embroidered ribbon labelsWhen I was making a TON of fleece blankets, I wanted to put some sort of identifying label on it so the recipient would remember that I had made it for them.

I came up with a technique for embroidering the information on ribbons without wasting a lot of expensive stabilizer.

frugal use of stabilizerYou have to hoop the entire hoop with stabilizer eventhough the design is small, right? WRONG!

I've devised a method of reducing the amount of stabilizer you need when the design is small.

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