December 2009

“Has there ever been a work of literature that couldn't be improved by adding zombies?” --Lev Grossman, Time
As you might have surmised, the above picture is NOT the machine embroidered item. You might even be wondering what on EARTH do zombies and "Pride and Prejudice" have in common, much less as a joint venture. Well, my dear readers, apparently adding zombies to anything and everything is THE thing to do these days. I am obviously well behind the times.

Author Seth Grahame-Smith was approached by his friend and editor about concocting a mash-up with Jane Austen's literary gem and zombies. It was an instant Light Bulb Moment (™) and a cult classic was born. Grahame-Smith obtained a digital copy of "Pride and Prejudice" and interwove his own zombie commentary into the original text. The first edition was a smashing success and prompted the "deluxe edition" with 30% more zombies. Wow.

Middle daughter, Lisa, the English major, put the above edition on her birthday wish list. Being a supportive parent, I have always encouraged reading and this was no exception. How could I *not* obtain this book for my literary child? :-)

I was just delighted when it arrived. It is a hardcover with "leatherette" binding .. beautifully done and the cover art (as seen above) is simply hysterical. The inside illustrations are equally as amusing. But, I knew that once the book started being handled, that beautiful cover was going to get mucked up in some manner. A protective book cover was required!

As all crafty people know, a book cover is simply a blank canvas ... patiently waiting to be adorned and embellished. It just so happened that, at one time, I had actually downloaded a (freebie) design of .... a brain. How fortuitous! How inspirational! This design came from "Free embroidery designs", a Yahoo group. (I no longer belong to the group, so I don't know if the design still exists in their archives). The book cover is lined and has flaps on each side to slip the front and back covers into.

I had toyed with the idea of inserting an oval window of clear vinyl in the front cover, so the artwork could be admired (it being so superb!), but since I couldn't put my finger on the piece of clear vinyl I *know* I have someplace ::sigh:: and I really did want to use the brain embroidery design, I ultimately decided to forgo the vinyl window. Maybe next time (if I ever run across that vinyl again, I promise/promise/promise to put it in a place where I can FIND IT.) ::knock on wood::

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