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Nope, ...this is not your typical piratical page. There are no nifty pages on pirate information, though there are many, many incredible sites on that genre.

Yup.. it is your typical vanity web site. :-) It's just about me and my interests. You're more than welcome to poke around. Welcome aboard!

Additional pages for viewing are shown as links, although some aren't active yet.

jolly rodgers patch Personal Information about the Dread Pirate Rodgers Find out why I'm a pirate, some of my idiosyncracies and take a look at my sleek toy: my 1973 Corvette
log cabin quilt block I like to quilt I've been quilting for a long time but only recently started taking pictures of my creations.
Janome 3003 embroidery machine A new toy late in 2004! Purely a self-indulgent moment on my part .. I bought a Janome 300e embroidery machine.
woman sewing I adore sewing My first love is sewing clothing, usually embellished with hand or machine needlework. Currently a very limited selection is displayed.
treasure map Welcome to Adventure Land! What would a vanity page be without a page on adventures and excursions?
needle and thread (needlework link not available yet) I indulge in hand-needlework. Lots of different areas: smocking, counted cross-stitch, needlepoint, crewel embroidery, Brazilian embroidery
tuxedo cat Sneaker, the Mighty Hunter The Corpus Deliciti page of Cat Carnage; a tribute to the Cat Who Protects Our Honor. Proceed at your own risk.
And that's it for now. When Real Life stops interferring with my fun time, I'll add more items to the above areas, so please check back later and see what new stuff has been added.

I would love to hear from you via an email! Thanks for looking at my pages. :-)

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