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Do you wonder how I ever got so involved in sewing? Rather than take up screen space here, I've put that story on it's own page.

And where do I actually do my work? Well, in the Creative Chamber of Chaos, known as my sewing room. :-)

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Sewing Projects

Disclaimer: the verbage for all of the children's clothing pages was done 2007 and later. It continues to be an on-going process ... in many cases more than two decades after the fact! So, bear with me if the details of the outfits aren't there one remaining brain cell just doesn't retain the information like it used to. These projects will probably be added as I retrieve them from the cedar chest, so they won't be added in strictly chronological order.

sometime during the mid-1980's
December 1983 The very first outfit that I made for Catherine. mid-1980s A smocked tunic, designed to be worn with pants
mid-1980s a smocked dress. "Maggie" from Children's Corner, in two versions.

Heads-up! There is a about a 20 year gap here!

As I have the time to photograph, journal & create the web pages for all the other sewn & smocked garments that were created during the intervening years, I'll post them. But life has an irritating way of interrupting what I'd really like to be doing, so there isn't going to be a regular update schedule.

2003 - 2005
April 2003 the original Columbia Diggin's outfits November 2004 An origami purse
July 2005 a hoodie for Lisa December 2005 Rene's first Dicken's dress and a variation for Gaskell's
February 2006 Rene's Titanic dress for a PEERS themed event August 2006 Rene at Gaskell's. She made the bustle skirt.
August 2006 Rene's harem outfit for a PEERS themed event October 2006 Lisa at Gaskell's. Her dress was based on Belle's dress from "Beauty and the Beast".
December 2006 my first completed corset. "ETC 1: Emergency Temproary Corset #1" December 2006 the second attempt. "ETC 2: Emergency Temproary Corset #2"
December 2006 Rene at Dicken's. A new outfit.
sometime 2007 a twirly skirt. A semi-full skirt with attached petticoats. 2007-01 Winnie the Pooh! corset in a toile-like fabric.
February 2007 a bronze taffeta swing dress inspired by a special petticoat March 2007 a Tropical Fishies corset yes, another test corset before
attempting the Real Thing
April 2007 Lisa's purple corset. Worn both for her Senior Ball and at a Gaskell's dance. April 2007 an embroidered Empire dress for Rene's Senior Ball
May 2007 "Meet Me in St. Louis" a live play for which I sewed some outfits July 2007 a sleep shirt and jammes
july 2007 a ruffled peasant blouse for me. August 2007 a simple peasant blouse for Lisa
August 2007 Smocked peasant blouse for Rene October 2007 a pirate corset for Rene
November 2007 pillowcases for Lisa. With downloadable instructions!
January 2008 Moose! a very clever 3 compartment purse, made origami-style July 2008 a shaggy fur pillow, made with the most
luxurious 2" high fur you've ever seen.
December 2008 3 throw pillows, made for Christmas presents
January 2009 a small, cylindrical pillow made with purple skulls-and-crossbones! awesome, 'possum! January 2009 Kyoto pillow
March 2009 a personal-sized ditty bag, with hand-embroidered embellishments April 2009 dining room chair cushions recovered
June 2009 a blanket for charity made by sewing together big, almost-useful scraps of fleece.
January 2010 a flat-bottomed, zippered pouch for housing a wireless mouse & USB connector. July 2010 a hanging, zipper caddy. For travel, a garment placed on the hanger will keep the caddy hidden underneath.
August 2010 The Chemisette Purse in two styles. Easily constructed and looks doggone cute! October 2010 Super Why! costumes for a friend's 2 sons
October 2010 A reversible, stylish apron ... for lookin' good in the kitchen! November 2010 a Christmas pillow as seen in Crate & Barrel
January 2011 a flower pillow made with more felt circles March 2011 a case for the doughnut bobbin holder
September 2011 a convenient sewing caddy that you can put over the arm of your sofa October 2011 a cover for your journal/book/diary
November 2011 a shirt for Catherine December 2011 modifications to a sweatshirt jacket
January 2012 a notebook cover January 2012 a pincushion for your sewing machine
March 2012 a petite purse Just the size for stylishly bringing along the essential items. May 2012 Self-mitering receiving blankets. A YouTube video from the Missouri Star Quilting Company showing how to make self-mitering baby blankets went viral. I participated in the craze. They are like potato chips: you can't make just one!
May 2012 Catalina Sling purse. When you need somthing bigger than a petite purse but don't want a Purse of Doom either. May 2012 Purple Tote Bag. A re-purposed commercial tote.
July 2012 A crazy patchwork pillow. For a crazy-kinda kid. :-) July 2012 Hand-knit lace on a throw pillow.
September 2012 The Jordy Tote Bag. A very popular tutorial for a useful tote bag. December 2012 Jewelry Roll for my pearl jewelry.
July 2013 Texas Longhorn Fleece Blanket. A just big enough blanket to cover a young boy when he's feeling chilled. May 2014 A tote and collection of small bags. I finally found a reason to use a lot of patterns I've collected over the years.

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