A Sheepy Sleep Shirt

and other jammies

July 2007

I found some wonderful lavendar sheep fabric in the children's section of my local Joann's. As Lisa loves all things lavendar and sheepy ... and this was combination of both of them ... I bought 2 yards without a specific project in mind.

When I showed it to Lisa, we agreed that it would make a perfect sleep shirt. Into my pattern stash I dove and came up with a "vintage" nightie (circa 1986 .. a mere 2 years BEFORE Lisa was born! .. but jammies are jammies, right?) from Butterick. It's obviously discontinued at this point. :-)

This sleep shirt needed 2-5/8 yard. I had bought 2 yards. Solution: since there was enough yardage in the layout, I could split the sleeve in half lengthwise, put a seam down the center of the sleeve and cover the seam with trim.

Short jammie bottoms were sewn from a wonderful lavendar flannel-backed satin; seen peeking out from the bottom of the sleep shirt picture. Another second top was made from additional flannel-backed satin so Lisa has two different jammies.

As for the jammies part .. well, I also happened to find some fabulous flannel just perfect for my girls. I used the same jammie pattern for all the jammies.