Moose origami purse

January 2008

Middle Dear Daughter wanted another bag (she uses them for her on-going knitting projects), so I finally got around to making a second purse for her. Like the first one, this one is also made from quilting cotton ... in a moose print (Lisa likes moose).

It isn't part of the pattern instructions, but because I love piping as a decorative accent, I added some piping to the triangle pocket flaps and to the side seams. I put it only on the pointy part of the flap that was showing and along the side seams. I did measure beforehand, so I would know how much and where to put the piping so it would come out correctly.

I also made triangular fabric 'fobs' for the ends of the drawstrings ... they are stuffed with fiberfill batting.

This bag, it's essentially a *tube* of fabric folded in half crosswise with the open ends of the "tube" flopped over to form the pocket flaps. As such, per the directions, you *could* actually put your hand in the pocket of one side, go completely under the bottom of the bag and stick your hand out of the other pocket!

For this version, I wanted the pockets to be separate. I edge-stitched along the fold line at the bottom and also inserted a long rectangle of plastic canvas as a stiffener for the bottom. The direction don't tell you to do this; this was my variation since I didn't particularly like the "continuous pocket" of the original.

This pattern can be found at East Wind Art and is called "Origami bag encore".