a journal cover

October 2011

You've all seen those small composition books? For memos and memory joggers? When Mr. Pirate & I go on Adventures, I keep one of those small notebooks in the car so I can write down reminders of events of the day. I try to keep a pen/pencil nearby so I *can* write items in the book. But, as is usually the case, I've used the writing implement some place else and it doesn't get put back next to the notebook. That is always so aggravating.

So, it occured to me that it would be handy if the writing implement were *attached* in some manner to the notebook. But how? I put on my thinking cap and came up with a cover with a flap and I simply wrapped the flap around the writing implement! If the writing implement had a clip on it, so much the better!

Thinking back on the paper book covers I made for my school books, I devised a fabric cover of the same sort of design. The front and back of the cover have pockets for the front and back of the book to slide into. The variation for this cover was a triangular flap that wrapped to the front (or back) cover. It was secured with a Velcro dot.

You simply put a short pen or pencil inside the flap and when it was closed with the Velcro dot, it would stay put. It didn't matter if the writing implement had a clip or not. If it did, then you could just slide the clip over the flap.

The cover worked wonderfully .. I never lost my pen/pencil; it was always attached to the notebook!

Now .. if I could only remember where I put the notebook! :-)