skirt with petticoat

sometime in 2007

[note: this is a project that wasn't written up at the time it was made in 2007. Sadly, the following verbage was written in 2012. As you might imagine, a LOT of details have escaped me.]

Thinking back, it must have been that Rene wanted a twirly skirt to wear to one of her dances. This is skirt is between a full-circle and an A-line skirt in fullness. It doesn't have a waistband so it hugs the upper hips in a smooth line. I put an attached petticoat underneath to provide the "poof". In fact, there isn't just ONE petticoat underneath but TWO plus 2 layers of liners. Both layers the layers are made from tulle and gathered onto a fabric yoke so that there isn't harsh gathers at the waistline.

Eventhough tulle doesn't ravel, they are finished with a pretty "hem" of lace. You can see that the black tulle has a deep hem of flat black lace. The other tulle layer as a medium-width flat pale lace them.

Because the gathered tulle makes a hard ridge and I didn't want that to show through on the skirt itself, I put a polished black cotton sateen liner between the skirt and the first layer of petticoat. And because the tulle might feel harsh against the skin, I put another layer of the same lining behind all the petticoats. This essentially "sandwiched" the tulle petticoats between the liner fabrics. You can see all the layers in this photo:

  • skirt
  • black liner
  • black petticoat layer
  • second petticoat layer
  • black liner (against the skin)