The Catalina Sling Purse

May 2012

At a quilt show near where Dear Daughter #2 lived (at the time), we found a purse pattern called Catalina Sling purse that she liked. We were also fortunate that one of the vendors was selling fat quarters at a discount *and* Dear Daughter was able to find several fat quarters that she liked.

A purse was born. :-)

Sadly, this was another project that I failed to take notes on, so I don't have my typical wordy story to relate to you. I'm thinking that the purse went together nicely, as I also don't have any horrid memories of making it. :-)

It featured a couple of items that I had not used before .. not particularly exotic features, just ones that I've not had a need for previously.

I used magnetic snaps on the front flap.

Using a zipper foot, I was able to edge stitch VERY CLOSELY around the snap to hold it securely in place.

I used a square ring to connect the strap to the purse.

I even used these cute little feet on the bottom of the purse!

On the interior, one side had a divided pocket and the other side had a zippered pocket.

And that's the Catalina Sling purse. :-)