Case for doughnut bobbin holder

March 2011

Dang! Isn't this just the cutest thing ever???

At this time (Spring 2011), I was starting a new quilting project and needed a Titanic-load of purple scraps, about 4" square. I asked my Quilting buddies to trade with me and, boy, did they respond! Some of them got a trade but a lot of them just said not to send anything in return. However, one of my buddies said she had *yardage* that she no longer had a use for and if I am remembering correctly, we worked out a different sort of trade. She was delighted; I was delighted.

When the yardage arrived, I was *astonished*. It wasn't just yardage .. it was MILES of fabric. Gosh, the stuff was luscious! I knew I needed to acknowledge such a windfall.

Somewhere along the line, I had acquired a pattern for a holder for those popular doughnut-shaped bobbin holders. A neighbor friend of mine had given me a bobbin holder for a gift. It was sitting on my sewing cabinet, as bare as a baby's bottom. :-) This holder would protect from light and dust ... and was pretty besides.

It occured to me that *this* would be an appropriate thank-you for the fantastic yardage that I received. So, without a word, I worked on making a holder. Since I was fresh off the success of my Christmas tree pillow and flower pillow made with felt circles, I thought I could do a variation with organza .. both sparkle and plain.

Since the organza is made from polyester and polyester is a plastic, I knew that if I could cut out the circles with a wood-burning tool, it would cut *AND SEAL* the edges in one fell swoop. I had my sheet metal working brother make me some sheet metal circle templates (needed to survive the heat of the wood-burning tool). I used a piece of window glass as my "cutting board". The combination worked out wonderfully.

It was taking some time to make this holder and I knew my quilting buddy was probably wondering if I was ever going to get around to mailing off the agreed-upon trade item. Finally, the holder was done; I tucked the trade item inside and mailed the whole kit-and-caboodle.

When she received it, she was flabbergasted. :-) :-) She said it came on a perfect day ... her work day had been awful. This bobbin case holder was completely unexpected and it made her entire day.

I was gratified :-)

I also made one in blue for myself. At the time the picture at the top was taken, the top of mine was empty .. I wasn't quite sure what to do with it. But, sometime after I finished mine, I fortuitously found a ginormous white daisy flower that was *exactly* the size of my holder! It was a sign! Now, my holder has a pretty flower on top also. :-)

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