Meet Me in St. Louis

a play

May 2007

My corset instructor, Carol Wood, has asked me to help her construct costumes for a play, "Meet Me in St. Louis". She provided me with the patterns, fabrics and trims. I was exceedingly flatted and pleased to help her out.

She had me sew the first blouse at her house so that she could be sure that I was making the costumes the way she wanted them to be done. Once satisfied, she'd provide me with a week's worth of supplies and sent me on my way. When I had finished the costumes, I dropped off the finished items, got supplies for new ones and the cycle was repeated.

The colors are garish and bold; but that's so they could be SEEN even in the back rows of the theater. The same pattern was made, with variations, for all the blouses.

She couldn't monetarily reimburse me but I did get complimentary tickets for Mr. Pirate & myself to see the play! I hadn't been to a real, live play in ages and ages, so this was a real treat for me.

Now comes the embarrassing part: I didn't take any notes AT ALL on the process. All I have are pictures of the outfits themselves ... I don't even have pictures of the actors in them! While you can see pins in some of the pictures; you can be assured that they weren't there on the final product. As far as the jacket goes, there *was* a blouse and a skirt to coordinate with it .. and I do remember making the skirt because I very pain-stakingly repeated the appliqued, circular bias trim on the full-circle skirt hemline ... but I don't have pictures of either the blouse or the skirt. But, here's what I made.

And, of course, I had a Quality Assurance Inspector!