A Sewing Caddy

September 2011

This cute, practical and useful armchair caddy was made from directions found at Maureen's Vintage Acquisitions Blog, from Maureen Greeson, just because it was there. I know from experience that even if I print out a pattern/instructions, if I file it away, it's almost as good as lost. (Interestingly, a very similar item can be found at a Hugs & Kisses blog, from Helen Stubbings of Australia.) It looks as though both patterns are circa 2008.

But, I also know my limitations! The directions call for elaborate (and gorgeous!) crazy-quilt embellishments. I knew I really didn't want to devote that sort of energy and involvement at this time. I had also just rediscovered a pre-printed sewing panel and thought the panel sections would work well as the pockets (instead of the crazy-quilt embroideries).

Here's a birds-eye view of the caddy. It is designed to lay over the arm of a couch. It has a long pincushion on top and the sides that hang down, have pockets on them.

In October 2011, I went to Portland, OR for a (first ever) West Coast Machine Quilter's Exposition. We stayed with Kay Gibson (of the About.com's Quilting forum), who was incredibly brave and gracious enough to host us for our 4 day stay.

I gave this caddy to Kay, as a thank-you for letting us stay with her.