Catherine's blanket

Work in Progress 2005

The last blanket is for my oldest daughter. It's still blank as you can see. The design for her blanket is going to be of her own devising ... she is very involved in ConLangs (Constructed Languages) and has promised me a graphic of something in her own ConLang. I will then digitize it. Once the ConLang design is stitched, I can then stitch her name (in English!) above it.

But, like her mother, she is a master procrastinator and the creation of the graphic is still on her List of Things To Do.

Addendum: January 2006: The ball is now in my court. Catherine finally delivered to me the design she wants digitized on her fleece blanket. Because it's been quite a while since I last did my digitizing class and details of how to do what I want to do are somewhat fuzzy, I now need to re-learn what I already know. What a bummer.

Another addendum: 2011 - I remember doing "something" but not the entire design as I had hoped. I also remember telling Catherine that I wasn't going to be able to re-learn the skills I needed (sooooooo many other things to do!) so she needed to be content with what was there ... whatever was there. Unfortunately, I gave her the finished blanket BEFORE taking a picture of it! aaarrgghhh! So, now I need to wait for Catherine to take a picture and email it to me. Until then, all you see is the original, blank fleece. :-)