Sweatshirt Jacket Identification

December 2007

Because Mr. Pirate & I have similar looking sweatshirt jackets (both are black), he was constantly picking mine up to wear and complaining that it was *too small*!

To make it easier for both of us to identify which sweatshirt jacket belonged to who, I embroidered a design on the front and pockets of mine. Trust me, Mr. Pirate is much too "manly" to wear an embroidered sweatshirt. :-)

To embroider on the pockets, I removed the top-stitching from the top and side edges of the pocket so I could open it up semi-flat. I must admit that it was a little tricky getting the stitching into the corner of the pocket, since two edges of the pocket was still attached to the sweatshirt.

The motifs used were designs '06-1001a' & '06-1001b' from Skeldale House's Pearl Parfait Lace Quilt.