Michael's Computer Blanket

Summer 2005

Michael's blanket is a deep forest green .. a MANLY color for sure.

Michael is a computer guru and expert fix-it guy. His design is an illustration of how computers typically behave .. which is usually badly. I thought it particularly appropriate, given his line of work! It came from Ann The Gran, free designs, computers. This particular design was digitized by John Slater.

The alphabet is Demented (how fitting can it get?), also from SCK's Yahoo group, "sickdesigns".

The binding was leftover hand-dyed fabric from another project.

The Learning Experience for this blanket ... by this time, I had learned how to use alignment stitches to position multi-segmented designs properly so they all stitch out where you want them. This technique is part of a hands-on class for Embird that is taught by Rosanne Berkey aka "The Wiz". This is an excellent class to learn the basics of how Embird works, how to split large designs perfectly AND how to use her alignment technique to position the split parts back together so they sew out seamlessly.