Butterfly & Basketball

November 2005


On the About.com Quilting forum, we regularly display our quilty Show-n-Tell items. I had temporarily taken a break from quilting so I could play with my embroidery machine and as such, only had embroidery items to show-n-tell. I had put my embroidered things in the Show-n-Tell topic but identified them as "Off Topic" ... meaning they weren't quilted things. It's very nice that the participants of the forum are also interested in the other crafty things that everyone does. :-)

It was by sharing my embroidered stuff that Niki commissioned me to embroider blankets for her son and daughter. Joseph liked sports (basketball) and Annalise liked butterflies. After several back-and-forth emails, the above designs and fonts were decided upon.

Niki also wanted labels put on the blankets, so I embroidered two labels for her.