NYU fleece blanket

May 2012

I hate to say this ... but in this case, it's true: I am a lamer. ;-) One more project where I never even bothered to write notes to myself about what designs I used or where they came from. Let's see how well my one brain cell is working these days ....

In 2012, our middle Dear Daughter had the opportunity to take a summer course in publishing at New York University in Manhattan. In and of itself, that's fantastic! But .. but .. but ... *we* live in California. New York is on the OTHER SIDE of the country. None of our girls has ever lived so far away from home and family. I wasn't sure exactly how much trauma was going to be experienced ... by her or us. :-(

Although the course was in July (or was it August??) and she wouldn't be needing a fleece blanket at that time in New York, after she completed the course (which she did! with flying colors! and a grade of "A"!), she needed to STAY in New York City because that is where the publishing jobs are. And if she was staying in New York, come Autumn and Winter, that fleece blanket would come in handy ... and be a reminder of home and family.

And that's where she is at this time ... still in New York. She was able to find a part-time job at a literary agency, where she is learning a different aspect of the publishing industry. She still wants to find a job being a copy-editor but realizes that opportunity might not present itself for a while.

The letters and numbers used is from Ayeone and is their Copperplate alphabet. You need to join their Yahoo group to get it. I don't remember where I got the hearts from.