Casa Serena

September 2006

One facet of my home business is medical billing. One of my clients is a clinical psychologist who, in addition to her private practice, also is part of a specialized group "half-way" house for recovering bulimics and anorexics. This organization is Casa Serena and helps those individuals who have just come from a residential treatment but aren't quite yet ready to face the world all on their own. Casa Serena is the "half way" point of offering intensive out-patient continuing therapy and treatments.

When Casa Serena opened in 2006 as a "house warming" gift, I made a fleece blanket for their group therapy room. Their clients, being chronically underweight, typically have a difficult time keeping warm ... so I thought a fleece blanket would be of benefit.

At the time I made the blanket, I had no idea of the color scheme in the room. I chose a light mint green, thinking it would coordinate with most other colors. Little did I know that it would match *perfectly* with their upholstered furniture! :-) My client later told me that the blanket was a highly prized item.

Much later on, I was asked to make several more fleece blankets ... eight in total ... so there wouldn't be any more tussles over who got the blanket. :-) For these additional blankets, I used different colors for the floral sprays but kept the colors in "Casa Serena" the same for continuity.