Laurie's blanket

February 2009

Rene, our youngest daughter, has a truly delightful friend, Laurie Tavan. Laurie could very well be just as goofy as Rene. :-)

Despite this, Laurie is an incredibly talented seamstress. If you ever have a need for vintage or historic clothing, Laurie is THE person to custom-make your items. Her attention to detail is unbelieveable and her workmanship is uncompromising. Check out her website, Daze of Laur, for some eye-candy you will absolutely die for.

Anyway, back to the fleece blanket .... Laurie likes rubber duckies. Rubber duckies remind me of Laurie. I had picked up some rubber duckie flannel at one time with the intention of using it as binding on a fleece blanket for Laurie.

Time passes. More time passes. Even more time passes. No fleece blanket appears.

It wasn't until February 2009 that I finally rediscovered the rubber duckie flannel and decided that if I didn't make that fleece blanket NOW, it would disappear under the morass again. I looked through my embroidery designs and chose the designs for the corners:

an applique rubber duckie
a pirate rubber duckie, to remind her of who made the blanket
a colorful parrot, as Laurie has one as a pet

The fourth corner is an oversized "L", for Laurie, as seen in the picture at the top of the page.