Free-standing Lace Bowl

March 2005

Isn't it pretty? I have no idea where I got the design file. I didn't take notes when I was making it. Furthermore, the design file is called "freebowl.jef" .. now just HOW descriptive is that??? :-( So, all you get with this project is a bunch of eye candy pictures. :-)

There was obviously a "short" bowl design file. Well, well .. I actually FOUND this design on my computer and it apparently came from a company called "Dainty Stitches", but is now "Stitch Delight". It's their Valentine bowl. However, all that being said, I couldn't find it on the site, so you are STILL out of luck.

and a "tall" bowl design file. This is one very intersting because I can't even find the design file. Haven't a clue where it came from.

I haven't a single clue where these bowls are now. I'm hoping that I gifted them to someone because if they are in a Safe Place, they're as good as gone. :-)