Ornament covers 2005

December 2005

Wow .... Aren't these gorgeous???

These are part of Criswell Ornament Covers K-Lace Sampler, 8 different and spectacular lacey designs to go over plain ornaments of 3 different sizes. These designs are very stitch intensive, but omigoodness ... they are exquisite.

This design is #70cvr16 and is comprised of 4 motifs. Using Embird, I duplicated this design so I could put two of them in my 5x7 hoop. This enabled me to stitch one complete ornament cover in each hooping. I hooped one layer of heavy duty Solvy (a film-type water soluable stabilizer) and stitched away. After trimming away most (but not all) of the Solvy, I zig-zagged the 2 designs together at the "equator" forming a complete circle. The Solvy was dissolved away and when still slightly damp, I put the ornament cover over the appropriate sized ornament. The cover fits snuggly over the ornament, so having it slightly damp makes it easier to slide. I then threaded a ribbon through the top loops and tied it in a very small, tight knot around the ornament top hook. After drying, it fits perfectly. Attach hot-fix crystals and/or dangly gems of your choice (or not) and your ornament is finished.

The two ornaments pictured above were giving as Christmas presents to my sister-in-law and her sister. One of these days, I'll get around to making some for me. :-)

update 2012: I still haven't done any for me. :-)