Grill Sergeant T-Shirt

December 2004

Grill Sergeant T-Shirt

I thought the "Grill Sergeant" was just too funny to pass up! Mr. Pirate is a BBQ-er Extraordinare. He routinely and consistently rejects my offers to embroider his initials on his dress shirt pockets or cuffs ... but even he considered this design suitable for wearing. :-)

I unstitched the pocket, stablized it then stitched the design on the pocket. After stitching, I sewed the pocket back onto the shirt. Unfortunately, I ran out of the dark green thread in the middle of the design! aaarrggghhhh! Since it was already after the stores had closed for the evening, I could either continue with another shade of green or wait until the next day to get another spool of the dark green. As you can see, I was too impatient to wait. :-)

The design came from Buzz Tools.
1. on the left hand side, click on the "Free Stuff" link
2. still on the left hand side, in the sub-menu, click on "Embroidery Designs"
3. now, scroll to the bottom of the page, where it says "Archived Designs
4. click on category "People", you'll get a new page
5. scroll to the bottom of that page and click on the link "What's Your Job - June 2002". It's in there.

Side note: one of my computer friend's surname is Sargent. When I first saw this embroidery design I was aghast at the apparent blatent misspelling and was contemplating how difficult it would be to "correct" it to what I thought was the correct version ... my friend's surname. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that my friend's surname is *wrong*! [grin] I immediately instant-messaged him to complain about it. He was unsurprisingly unsympathetic. :-)