Christmas Wine Coasters

December 2004

Christmas Wine Coasters

This was another one of those "say what??" moments. Wine glass coasters? WHY?? Well, silly people, it's to further decorate and enhance the ambience of your dining table. :-) I must admit they did look rather nice on the table and my guests were VERY, VERY impressed. :-)

I had some point espirit lace leftover from a garment that I used as the basis of the coaster. Light, delicate but surprisingly sturdy.

This design can be found at the Flying Needle. Scroll down to the bottom and you'll see the wine coaster graphic. Although it says it is a "a free lesson to digitize a wine glass coaster", it really isn't. The zip file contains both a generic wine glass coaster and the Christmas version as embroidery files. I'm seriously considering modifying the generic design so it can be used as wine glass coasters at other occasions ... birthdays, weddings, Thanksgiving.

update: Well, drats. I think I must have packed them away in a Safe Place because I'm having a seriously difficult time locating them. This is very irksome, as it took quite a while to make the wine coasters. I hope that they reappear while I'm still alive.