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It's the Adventure Page!

Here's the spot where I can parade before you the various adventures, excursions, boondoggles and junkets I've been involved in.

I attended a wedding of two of my computer buddies in March 1999 Pictures of the evening before the wedding, the wedding and reception
Virginia City, Nevada Come, read about one facet of our March 2000 adventure in Virginia City, Nevada.
Northern California TunTavern SIG, November 2001 What started out as a very normal winery tour, ended up at a very bizarre backroad intersection.
Pizza Pirate, Benicia, CA
May 2003
The discovery of a gift certificate on the Internet lead to my newest favorite place to eat.
San Francisco's Barbary Coast
December 2007
Where else would a pirate peramble but on the Barbary Coast? Come take a virtual tour of San Francisco's history Barbary Coast area ... contemporary photos with historic text.
Samuel P Taylor State Park &
Point Reyes peninsula
September 2008
Feeling the pull to sleep in Motel 1 again, we shifted our weekend from Fri-Sat-Sun to Sun-Mon-Tues and took in the area at and around Point Reyes.
Roamin' the Old West Road Trip!
August 2008
teaser text ... it's not here yet! Oh look, it's October 2009 and I STILL haven't written up this trip. Dang! It's now April 2010 and I STILL haven't written anything up! Holy moley! It's September 2012 and nothing's been written! :-)
Lunch at the Nantucket
in Crockett, CA
October 2009
The weather is still great and an afternoon's adventure was in store.
New chickies
April 2010
The start of a new collection of baby chicks.
Let's Clean the Garage!
September 2010
The tolerance thresh hold for clutter in the garage has been reached. Mark this as a Red Letter Day!
Under Arizona Skies
October 2011
A long deferred trip to Arizona was finally done. 3000 miles in 2 weeks is a lot of road under the tires.
and in September 2012, nothing has been written. How surprising. Not.
Storage Wars
June 2012
We probably ought to consider putting public storage units on the property and make some money!
Ghost Tours of Placerville
May 2014
We're not afraid of no ghosts!

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