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In The Beginning ...

...there was a modular storage shed. A modest 8 foot by 10 foot storage shed. It was necessary because the Pirate children needed a place to store their possessions .... when they went to college ... when they moved from place to place ... and didn't have the storage facilities where they were.

Well, strictly speaking, that is a bald-faced lie. In the Real Beginning, there was a wooden storage shed, called The Diggin's. It held off-prem papers, camping gear, miscellaneous flotsam and jetsam that couldn't fit in the garage any longer. It soon became completely full.

Then the Pirate children began to move off to college and they packed up their childhood bedrooms and THAT stuff went into a modular storage shed in the back patio. This was The Diggin's 2. It soon became fully packed.

THEN *more* storage space was required because ... well, because it was just necesssary, that's all! The Pirate children needed to store their stuff "someplace" and that's where the first paragraph comes in with the second modular storage shed.

Seeing as the Pirate household has a goodly amount of empty land, a nice sized modular storage shed was constructed. And the loading began.

It was filled with boxes ... LOTS of boxes ... furniture, flotsam and jetsam. But, it was big enough to contain most of the possessions of two Pirate children. In other words, it was big enough to contain everything it needed to contain.

Until ... one Pirate child needed to relocate out of state to further her education and better her chances to attain a job which would allow her to live independently. At that time, all of her worldly goods needed to return to the Ol' Homestead until such a time was reached when it was determined she would require them.

So, all the Worldly Goods returned and the formerly empty space in the second storage shed was filled up. Completely filled up. Filled up as in ... there was no way, Josť, you could even get your big toe inside.

All of the stuff in the picture to the right came from the second 10 foot long shed.

My goodness, there was a Lot of Stuff.

But that wasn't ALL of it. There were some additional big ticket items that just wouldn't fit in this shed. Those items found a temporary home in the living room, the dining room and the bedroom of the Pirate child. The Pirate household looked more like a warehouse than usual.

(Mrs. Pirate's housecleaning standards are on the lower end of the spectrum. The status of the inside of the house is chaotic and cluttered at best. You want to come and visit? Sure! C'mon by! You want to see a clean house? Make an appointment!)

Clearly, More Storage Space was needed.

It was determined that adding onto this existing shed was more cost-effective than procuring yet another shed. So, the necessary expansion units were obtained. Originally, the expansion was going to be an extra 5 feet (by 8 feet wide) but due to communication problems, *two* expansion units were delivered so that the second shed would be expanded by *10 feet*. That extra expansion unit turned out to be a Good Thing.)

Mr. & Mrs. Pirate labored mightily. Mostly Mr. Pirate. He did the lion's share of the hard work. Mrs. Pirate did a LOT of cheerleading and moral support. But, in the end, even Mrs. Pirate had to commit to physical labor to finalize construction of the expanded shed.

And ... TA DA! The newly expanded storage shed was complete! Looks like a covered bridge, doesn't it? :-)

It looked SO BIG when it was empty. My, appearances can be deceiving.

Look at the horizontal board right above the piers. The left half of that board is painted white; the right half is bare wood. The left half (above the white paint) is the storage shed as it was *before* the expansion. The right half (above the bare wood) is the part that was ADDED ON ... an entire extra shed!

Everything that was originally in the 10 foot storage shed was now replaced in the newly expanded 20 foot shed. And all the extra big ticket pieces were moved from the house to the newly expanded storage shed.

Thank GOODNESS for that extra, unintended expansion unit! :-) Otherwise, we would have had to stretch our Mad Tetris Skilz to the max. :-) But, it all fit. With just a little bit of empty space leftover.

But not enough empty space to warrant clearing out the other storage shed that is still fully packed with their stuff. ::sigh::

And life goes on in the looney bin we call home. :-)

I would love to hear from you via an email ! Thanks for looking at my pages. :-)

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