Commissioned Quilts

anytime in 2010

I am so jazzed! And scared! :-)

Two quilters commissioned me to quilt their quilts! Jazzed because I know I can do it but scared because these quilts belong to other people and I sure don't want to muck them up!

So far, they have been pleased with the final results and I had a whole lot of fun doing them.

September 2010
Betty's Ladybugs. Two queen-sized ladybug quilts were quilted in completely different manners. Quilting really DOES make a difference in how the quilt looks!
September 2010
Angel quilt. Flower meanders in the strip set blocks, leafy meander in the print blocks and a leafy column design in the borders.
October 2010
Butterfly Wings. Large scale feathers and continuous curves in the interior patches; outlining of the fabric motif in the rest of the quilt.