Garden Twist Pillow

Date started: unknown but sometime after 2000.
Date finished: April 2006

Garden Twist Pillow

To tell you the truth, I'm not sure when I started this 15" pillow, but I do remember that it was to test out the Garden Twist pattern to see if I actually liked it enough to make a quilt out of it. And I know this was the reason because only (most of) the green and the print fabrics are "quilting" fabrics ... the others are oddball stuff I had laying around.

I got the pieced pillow top mostly done, but I ran out of the green background fabric. At that point, the immediacy of finishing the pillow top became less pressing and I tucked it away as a UFO. I'm sure it's been "ageing" for at least 3 years. Since I have resumed working on my UFO list, this seemed to be the easiest one to finish, as it it was nearly done.

This layout is constructed diagonally and the lower right corner and 1 setting triangle were made from an almost-matching solid. Even close-up, I bet you wouldn't be aware that two different fabrics were used in the background.

I found some matching (non-quilting) green background fabric to complete the lower right diagonal rows. I free-motioned quilted some loops and stars in variegated thread , sewed on a contrast piping in the seam, put in a concealed zipper and completed the pillow cover. I have no idea why I made the pillow top at 15", since pillow forms come in 2" increments ... and 15" isn't one of them. So, I bought a 16" pillow form to make a very over-stuffed throw pillow ... I figure that over time, the stuffing will pack down and it will look more "normal". :-)

It feels VERY nice to check off one more UFO.

Unfortunately, there are *so* many more items on my UFO list that it's rather like painting the Golden Gate Bridge ... a completely daunting task. However, I *will* perservere and plug away item by item. One item at a time. :-)