bumper protector

Date made: March 2003

Dave's NASCAR bumper protector

I've been busy doing other stuff, although I did do one very *weird* quilted item for my younger brother.

NASCAR bumper 2 (45K) He's an avid (I mean AVID) golfer and likes to put on his golf shoes in the parking lot by propping his foot up on the back bumper of his car. Well, he bought a "new-to-him" (i.e. previously-owned) car that is in very good condition. He was reluctant to mar the finish of the back bumper (one of those "soft bumpers", not the chrome ones) with the cleats on his golf shoes. (Funny, he never considered putting on his shoes elsewhere. :-) ).

He asked me to make him a bumper cover to drape over the bumper for protection! [amused smile] He went so far as to BUY THE FABRIC, BATTING AND BACKING for me! I would have paid to see him in Joann's trying to explain to the clerk why/what he wanted to do so that he could get the correct amount! Anyway, he bought the pre-printed Dale Ernhart panels (4 squares in all), thin batting and black *VELVETEEN* for the backing!! I had some really stiff outdoor kinda fabric that I also put between the batting pieces to help proect that poor, little, ol' bumper from the shoe cleats. Three panels sewed together was the exact size that he wanted.

I tella ya, quilting that sucker as a *real* PITA. From the 4th, leftover panel, I made a drawstring shoe bag for the aforementioned golf shoes ... and had a velveteen separater inside to keep the shoes from hitting each other. I gave it to him last night and he was delighted .. exactly what he wanted. Well.. whatever floats your boat. :-)