Sharon's Wheel of Fortune

Date began: February 2003

Sharon's Wheel of Fortune

It was after the success of the quilting retreat I held at my home in California in 2002 that a number of quilters near Phoenix, AZ decided to carry on the "tradition". Every February thereafter (as I write this, it is 2006), a wonderful, wonderful retreat has been held in Phoenix, hosted with great panache by the Arizona quilters (specific ladies vary but the core group is about 8 or 9).

It was at the end of this February 2003's retreat that SharonAE was working on a pinwheel sort of block ... and I had been eyeballing it all weekend. BUT, I knew that I had a lot of my own UFOs to work on so that I absolutely did NOT need another one. I resisted all weekend the lure of Sharon's pinwheel .. which I have now been told is actually a Wheel of Fortune block.

It wasn't the very end of the retreat that I succumbed. I made 4 blocks (shown above) and realized this would be another wonderful stash/scrap quilt.

However, upon my return, those 4 blocks were put away to wait their turn, as I had other projects to work on. As of this writing (2006), those 4 blocks still wait patiently. I know they are there; they are on my List of UFOs. They just haven't popped to the top yet. :-)

2012 update: nope .. I still haven't worked on them. :-)