The New Millennium Train

Date made: September 2000

The New Millennium Train

This is a pattern by Marjorie Rhine of Quilt Design Northwest and can be found at QDNW Designs web site. [update: it appears that this pattern is no longer offered on the site but there are a LOT of other very lovely quilt patterns.] Occassionally, Marjorie asks for beta testers of her designs. I happened to be in the right place at the right time and was accepted to be a beta tester for this pattern.

I made this baby quilt from the contents of my stash, was pleased to complete it and gave my feedback to Marjorie. The reason it's called the "Millenium Train" is because one version of the pattern uses the two wheels as two zero's of the year 2000! Very clever!

Unfortunately, I didn't really have a need for a baby quilt and really didn't want to have it hanging around.

Fortunately, I found a site,UFO-Orphange, [which apparently as of 2012 is no longer in existence!] where you can donate quilt blocks, UFO's, etc to a worthy cause. So, it was there that I mailed my quilt. I hope that it went to good home. [more notes: I have since found a local charity to give my finished quilts. I like that better, as I don't incur mailing costs and I know the quilts do go to local recipients.]