Girl Scout baby quilt

Date made: sometime during the mid-1990's

Girl Scout baby quilt

For many years, I was an active leader of two troops of Girl Scouts, as well as holding various positions within the administrative structure. During that time, the chairman of our Association became pregnant and for a shower present, I created a baby quilt, made in part, from an official Girl Scout blouse that I had bought specifically for the purpose of cutting up to put into the quilt. :-)

I bought co-ordinating fabrics and tried out a new interlocking design. The design worked out very easily ... however, my choice of fabrics was less than sterling; there wasn't enough contrast. This was dramatically brought out when, upon assembling the blocks, the interlocking design was virtually lost. But seeing as I had, once again, procrastinated, there wasn't enough time to buy other fabric and resew the blocks. Therefore ... onward with the quilt construction.

Other members of the Association's adult leaders signed the filler triangles on the outer edge of the design, as in a memory quilt. Our chairman was very much surprised. :-)

This is one of the quilts where I don't have too many samples left.

The top fabric is the official Girl Scout fabric (at the time I made the quilt ... it has since changed.

Below, are two of the greens that were used.