Embroidered Sweater

February 2006

Embroidered Sweater

I've had this blue pullover sweater for ages. I've always worn a floral print turtleneck underneath it.

I belong to an embroidery-related Delph Forum (PinkPens), where I mainly lurk. This forum, among other things, has a wonderful, on-going list of freebie designs. (It's also the back-up for the freebie list on the Martha Pullen Embroidery Phorum.)

As you can see from the picture, it's a single motif. I thought it might look interesting if duplicated, then flipped and slightly rotated the duplicate so the designs mirrored each other. I was surprised to see that when done this way it would only take a little manipulation to create a heart design in the middle where the two motifs met.

Using Embird, I did the afore-mentioned mainpulation then created the heart-shaped lattice in the middle and the outline stitches around the lattice. I used Floriani's fusible no-show mesh sheer cutaway directly on the backside of the sweater to make sure the knit of the sweater would remain stable. I then hooped a micro-perf tearway and pinned the stablized sweater to it. I was very pleased with the resultant stitch out.

Sadly, the PinkPen Delphi Forum and the Martha Pullen's Embroidery Phorum are no longer in existance. BUT ... this design is at Designs Mall - Creekside Designs. [Disclaimer: freebie designs may or may not still be available. This design was available as of February 2006. If the page is defunct, try contacting Betty of Creekside Designs to see if she still has it available for you.]