The Alterntaive Finishes Series

explanation, directions and pictures
by Shelley Rodgers, Walnut Creek, CA

Tired of your quilts all having the same straight edge finish? Want to have your consciousness raised so you know there are alternatives to a traditionally bound edge? Want to put some pizzazz on the edge of your quilt? Then this is the series of handouts for you!

After you've created a fair number of quilts, you might become a bit tired of finishing the edges with a simple, straight-edged binding. I know I sure was. It occured to me that there should be a compilation of edge finishes that offered alternatives to simple binding. So, I started my research and came up with 4 handouts that I now teach as separate classes on Alternative Finishes. The pdf handouts for these classes are below. My handouts tend to be pretty vebose, so don't have a heart attack at how long they are! The one drawback to having only the handouts is that you don't get to see the quilts I bring in to class as real-life examples.

I noted with some amusement that exactly after I had compiled my Alterntive Finishes series and started teaching the classes, at least 3 books came out on the market with exactly the same idea! It truly goes to show you that Great Minds Think Alike! [grin].

Alternative Finishes 1: Bound Edge, Knife Edge. Learn simple techniques to jazz up a traditionally bound edge quilt and four different techniques of knife edge finishes.

Alternative Finishes 2: Wrapped Edge, Scallops. Learn two variations for a wrapped edge, where the backing fabric is brought forward to show on the front, and two techniques for finishing scallops. You will also need the directions from Linda Franz

Alternative Finishes 3: Prairie Points (part 1). Individual, Strip pieced, Continuous pieced. Learn the traditional way to make prairie points and then two alternative ways to create a whole string of prairie points in one or two colors.

Alternative Finishes 4: Prairie Points (part 2). Piped, Reversible, Two-color. Learn how to make accented prairie points, prairie points for two-sided quilts and bi-color prairie points. Knowledge of information presented in part A is nice but not strictly necessary.

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