ETC #2
(Emergency, Temporary Corset 2)

December 2006

Assuming you've already read the Saga of the ETC 1, I won't bother to repeat the background story. If you haven't seen or read about ETC 1, then I urge you to do so.

Building on the knowledge gained from the construction of ETC 1, I raised the neckline slightly and added some length to the bottom of the pattern and proceeded to make ETC 2. It was my hope that this would be a perfect fit and could be used as the Master Pattern henceforth. I was half right. ;-)

As this was not intended to be a corset "for all time", I once again elected to use natural colored twill 40 for the inside base with a non-woven interfacing fused to it.

However, since I didn't want to make another corset exactly like the previous one, I dug through my (substantial) stash for a suitable outer, fashion fabric. What I found was truly a vintage piece .. if you're of a Certain Age, you will remember Calcutta cloth as a very popular bottom weight fabric. It is has a nicely crinkly, rough weave that looks very rustic. Because I am a horrible fabric packrat, I save virtually EVERYTHING. You never know when you will need just that exact remnant. Umpteen years later, the remnant of burgundy Calcutta cloth saw the light of day. :-) I had just enough to cut an outer layer of it. The Calcutta cloth also was fused with the non-woven interfacing.

Because my background is in garment sewing, it has been drilled into me to make the inside of a piece as nicely as you can ... eventhough no one is going to see the inside, one should have pride in one's work to make it look pretty also. Keeping this in mind, I used the double-layer construction method (same as in ETC 1), so that the inside looks beautiful. I do like this construction version, since the double layers eliminate the need for boning channel tape. As with ETC 1, I didn't mind that the boning channel seamlines show on the front.

For this version, I used the same lace as in ETC 1 on the top edge but used a black bias binding for contrast.

I also elected to sew in a ribbon in the neckline edge binding to enable Rene to adjust the neckline for a snugger fit. She really didn't need the ribbon, but I wanted to put one there anyway.

Self-fabric bias binding finished off the lower edge.

Black grommets (size 00) and black lacing are used to lace up the back.

In keeping with trying something different, I used spiral steel bones.

Rene was very pleased with ETC 2, but decided that she really didn't care for the extra length. AAARRRGGHHH! Well, tough buns, cuz I'm not shortening it! In every other respect though, it fit wonderfully. The Master Pattern has been altered to remove the extra length for the next reincarnation.

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