Rene's Bustle Dress

August 2006

For this Gaskell's event, Rene wanted to wear a bustle dress. Of course, this entailed several more new patterns and LOTS more fabirc. The fabric that I had in my stash isn't at all appropriate for vintage/historic outfits but, we have continually been amazed at the incredible finds we have discovered in the home-dec department of Joann's!

The dress is a very subtle background moire pattern in a medium-toned beige. Large floral sprays in apricot and lavendar with green leaves are scattered in an all-over pattern. The multi-colored flowers make it possible for Rene to make overskirts of different colors to enable her to have several different looking outfits with very little effort.

While I made the bodice from Truly Victorian #460, I also modified it so the back was slightly higher and piping edged the seams. Covered buttons secure the front.

Rene's sewing accomplishments really bloomed with this outfit! She not only made the bustle petticoat (Truly Victorian #101), but the bustled underskirt (Truly Victorian #261) AND the overskirt (Truly Victorian #362). She struggled with miles of ruffles for the petticoat and the inner support contraption to make bustle cage. She perservered through the trials of creating the bustle underskirt and the draping of the overskirt. But, by golly!, she did it and the resulting garments are fine pieces. However, I think she really got burned out on this outfit. :-)