Look, Boris! It's Moose!
... no squirrel.

Date made: January 2005

Look, Boris!  It's Moose!<br>... no squirrel.

My middle daughter, Lisa, likes moose. Haven't a clue why other than I think it started with a really bizarre camp song titled "Dead Moose (floating in the water)". Trust me, it's cute, but you'd have to be here to appreciate it. :-)

In August 2004, while she was attending tennis camp at Lake Tahoe, Mr. Pirate & I went camping for the week nearby. At one of the tourist shops, I found a bandana with a moose in each of the 4 corners. (I also found another bandana with all sorts of butterflies on it that I bought for one of my nieces.) As with the butterfly bandana, I made a really large (24" square) pillow from the moose bandana.

I found a picture of Bullwinkle Moose (of Rocky & Bullwinkle fame) and used it as a quilting guide for the center motif. I also made a sawtooth border to fit all the sides so that the pillow cover would fit the pillow form. The pillow has minimal quilting .. Bullwinkle's outline and stitch-in-the-ditch around the printed border motifs.