Rene's Serendipity quilt

Date made: December 2001

Rene's Serendipity quilt

To my surprise (or not, depending on your POV!), I had quite a bit of leftover 49'er logo fabric from the previous duvet. Using the solid yellow/gold & deep red solids, I made another quilt .. a real one this time, using the Rail Fence layout. I've always liked Rail Fence .. it's fast, easy and has a very dramatic visual impact. I backed and bound this "serendipity" quilt with butterscotch flannel .. wow.. was this stuff *soft*! I wish I could remember where I bought it. :-)

The previous duvet cover, being sewn onto a foundation, didn't need any quilting. When I finsihed the serendipity quilt, I put it away in my UFO pile, fully intending on quilting it myself. That was *before* I found out what a royal PITA working with Warm and Natural is. To be sure, Warm and Natural is a wonderful bat in a quilt ... but doing machine quilting with it on my home machine was a painful experience because it is such an unwieldy batting. For me, it was like wrestling a tree trunk through my machine. So, the serendipity top languished with other UFOs.

Until the day, several months later, that I finally decided that I really *did not* want to machine quilt using the Warm and Natural, of which I had already bought an entire roll!

So, I made the decision .. bit the bullet .. and took the roll of Warm and Natural plus 3 quilt tops over to my favorite local long-arm quilter [Janna Bailey of The Quilting Company] and had her professionally quilt it for me.

We decided that since the 49ers were 'stars' (smile), the over-all quilting motif would be stars integrated connected by a series of loops, in a heavy yellow quilting thread.

I think her quilting turned out wonderful AND the quilt is done! :-)