Tooth Fairy pillow

December 2011

This is really unbelieveable. I, obviously, was on a serious "who needs to take notes" kick, since here is one more project for which I have absolutely, not one single letter of verbage. ::sigh::

My friends have a son who is "just about" to loose his first tooth. This momentus occasion needed to have a proper Tooth Fairy pillow to commemorate the act. I asked the Mom if I could make such a pillow. (I didn't know if she had already prepared for this and if she had, I didn't want to provide *another* pillow, which wouldn't be needed.) Happily, the Mom said it would be a wonderful idea. :-)

Normally, I like to make my pillows with removeable covers, for ease in laundering. But, I figured that a Tooth Fairy pillow isn't going to get a LOT of use, so I used a very easy construction technique. After all the embroidery was done, I simply backed the embroidered front with another piece of fleece (wrong sides together) and stitched around the sides, leaving an opening to put the stuffing through. Once the pillow was thoroughly stuffed, I completed the line of stitching. Then I used my pinking shears to create a decorative edge outside the stitching line.

Oh, and for the actual pocket, I used a small scrap of sparkle polyester organza, cut on the bias (so it has a little bit of stretch to it).

So, let's see if I can figure out where stuff came from.

Well, dang if Fortune hasn't been shining on me for this project!!! This entire project is still available *as a freebie* at Sew-Teri-fic! On that page, you'll find

  • inspirational pictures
  • a link for the instructions
  • a link for the fairy design
  • a link for an alternative (appliqued) pocket (which is what I used)
  • a link for the wording specifically digitized for use on fleece!
  • Now .. *really* ... how fortuitious can that be?? Everything is still available on a single page at no charge. Wowsers.