Polo Shirt

August 2009

Mr. Pirate's (extended) family owns a vineyard. They just grow the grapes; they don't make wine. One of the wineries was throwing a shindig and Mr. Pirate wanted something more appropriate to the venue than a Levi's work shirt. :-)

He bought himself a navy blue polo shirt and asked me to embroider the vineyard name on it. OMG ... *finally* I get to do some embroidery for him! (He has steadfastly refused ... adamantly refused ... to have his initials embroidered on pockets or shirt cuffs. ::sigh::)

I went through all of my small alphabets and stitched samples in each of them. The alphabets that were extremely small or extremely thin didn't look good on the polo shirt. The script that he liked the best turned out to be too large. We both thought that Skeldale House's small satin alphabet was the best looking of the bunch, so that is what I used. You need to be a member of her Yahoo group to download the freely available alphabet.

I used a fibrous water soluable stabilizer in the hoop and pinned the polo shirt to the stabilizer (I did not hoop the polo shirt). The embroidery thread was Robison-Anton and Superior Thread Bottom Line in the bobbin. A scrap of filmy water soluable stabilizer was used as a topper. After embroidering and after both water soluable stabilizers had been washed out, I backed the embroidery with Floriani's No Show Mesh Fusible Sheer Cutaway so that the stitching wouldn't be scratchy on Mr. Pirate's manly chest. :-)

I am pleased to say that Mr. Pirate was very impressed with the way it came out. I can now let out my breath! :-)