Columbus Tower
916 Kearny Street

We've reached the very end of the Barbary Coast unscathed! But there is one more visual treat for you to see ... from the corner of Pacific Street, Kearny Street and Columbus Avenue, look south to see the triangular, "flat iron" building .. the Columbus Tower. This delightful building was completed in 1907 and has copper sheathing ... now wonderfully oxidized with a green patina. The onion-domed cupola and golden spire atop (which we managed to leave out of the picture [sigh]) are so typically "Victorian" .. which certainly isn't Gold Rush but you just have to fall in love with this building!

Tidbit of info: Francis Ford Coppola bought and renovated the Columbus Tower for his film company, Zoetrope Studios. The company still occupies the building and the penthouse suite is Coppola's personal office. The view must be breathtaking.

Between the Gold Rush and contemporary times, that same penthouse office was used by turn of the century political boss, Abe Ruef.